About us

Our history

The insurance agency now known as GS Insurance has been looking after the needs of clients in central NSW (and anywhere in Australia) for over 40 years. The agency was founded as “Brian Goodwin Insurance Agency” by the then agency’s namesake, Brian Goodwin. Brian established the business and built up his clientele over the more than 30 years that he was principal of the business, always offering genuine, friendly and expert service to his customers.

When Sandra Stevenson took over the reins in 2007, the agency became “Goodwin Stevenson Insurance,” keeping the history in the name, later being shortened to simply “GS Insurance”.

What matters most to us is making insurance simple for our clients. We want them to rest easy knowing they’ve got the right solution in place, at a good price. And if something should happen, we’re here to help.

In 2015, Sandra’s son, Ben Stevenson joined the business and now is a full-time General Insurance Account Manager.

Cementing the business as a family one, Sandra’s daughter, Stella Stevenson helps out with admin on a casual basis but her main role is in technology, marketing and design under the banner of her business, “Astray Designs”.

In 2018, Tamilla Bolam joined the growing brokerage. Tamilla is currently working in administration and is looking forward to developing her skills and earning her qualifications to become a broker.

Today, the team at GS Insurance has a depth of knowledge in insuring farms, both crop and stock, as well as local businesses, homes and cars. Not forgetting the tradies, the office based businesses, professionals and community organisations. Having joined Community Broker Network in 2017, GS Insurance can find a solution for most circumstances.


Our community

We pride ourselves on being part of the community we serve and we look forward to many more years of looking after clients in the region or anywhere in Australia. 

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How we operate

As a business, farm, home or vehicle owner, you have your livelihood and family at the centre of everything you do. You have the option to find your insurances online, perhaps more quickly and cheaply – and as many of us know, we often get what we pay for.

Your GS Insurance team works to understand your needs, and then, together with you, tailors the right size insurance solution. No more, no less.

The GS Insurance difference

Insurance can seem overwhelming, paperwork-laden and is often a ‘grudge’ purchase. We’re here to take the hassle out of it for you and help explain any of the jargon. Our goal is for you to understand your insurance needs and find a solution, in a timely manner.

“I’ve been a client of Brian’s and now Sandy’s for well over 20 years now. They cover my farm, crop and house and have helped us with a few claims over the years, always really quickly. I choose GS Insurance because they’re local, it’s easy to get things done. I can duck in and see them and they make sure things are sorted out.”
– Lloyd Jones of Trundle, a farm, crop and personal client of GS Insurance