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Protect your important day with event insurance

From pony club tests to farmers market stalls right up through music and food festivals, there is certainly significant planning that goes into a successful event! But what if everything doesn’t go according to plan?

That’s where your event insurance solution plays an important part.

Whether it’s literally raining on your parade, or you’re facing venue or equipment damage, or public liability, or (nightmare of nightmares), the star of your show doesn’t bother to turn up, there are some unique risks facing the event industry.

Business continuity planning (what’s your back up plan?)

Prevention truly is the best medicine and hopefully your insurance solution is your safety net – only there if you really need it. The best risk management you can do is to make sure you consider what could go wrong. Run through what your worst-case scenarios are, and what you could do to prevent them.

Good events management companies and events managers will have a contingency plan A, B, C (and D) for things like weather and star attractions, but you can’t control everything, especially when members of the public are involved (and even more so if your attendees will be drinking alcohol). And that’s when you want the peace of mind that you’ve got the right insurance solution in place.

What kind of events are insurable?

Considering there is insurance cover for crocodile attack (for real), there is insurance out there for a wide range of things. But typically the event types that should consider insurance include:

  • Community celebrations, markets and fairs
  • Sporting events (i.e. colour runs or marathons)
  • Performances (i.e. theatre or concerts)
  • Corporate events and functions (i.e. annual general meetings, conferences, galas and seminars)
  • Exhibitions and auctions (art, lifestyle or food)
  • Music, film, food, wine or cultural festivals
  • Trivia nights, charity and fundraising events
  • And even weddings (and no, not just to protect against a runaway bride or a groom with cold feet)!

Get an event insurance quote

Have an event coming up? Even if you’ve previously gotten insurance directly online, why not get a free quote? That way you know your solution is competitive, plus you have the advantage of getting advice and peace of mind from a real person, with years of insurance expertise. To get a quote on your event insurance call the professionals on (02) 6892 1050