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GS Insurance is part of community broker network, which has partnered with CGU to provide world-leading medical advice to our clients.

Best Doctors is an exclusive service that GS Insurance, through cbn, can offer you and your immediate family as part of your Countrypak policy.

Accident & Health International also has access to Best Doctors.

What does Best Doctors do?

Should you or an immediate family member suffer a medical condition, Best Doctors can give you and your treating doctor access to the expertise and insights from a leading international expert in your condition. Best Doctors will perform an in-depth assessment of your condition and ensure that you have the right diagnosis and optimal treatment plan. All it takes from you is one phone call and Best Doctors does the rest.

Being remotely located means you’re not easily able to access leading specialists, which is why Best Doctors makes a real difference and has already helped other farmers get back working quicker.

Best Doctors can help when you’re:

  • Unsure about your diagnosis
  • Confused about your medical treatment
  • Having trouble accessing a second opinion due to location, cost or time
  • Looking for more information about your condition

Best Doctors can even help you to identify who the leading experts are in your nearest metropolitan area.

Key member benefits:

  • No cost to you in using our service.
  • Available for all Countrypak policy holders, their partner, children and parents (including in-laws).
  • Can be used for any condition, injury or illness that affects your way of life (except mental health).
  • Can be used at any time and as many times as you need.
  • Completely independent to any claim, Best Doctors will not share any information with anyone other than you.

Further information

For more information contact GS Insurance or view the Best Doctors website.

3 minute Best Doctors overview (video)

10 year anniversary, GS Insurance, Trundle, NSW

It’s our 10 year anniversary!

How time flies… GS Insurance has now been in business for TEN YEARS!!

Of course we continued on from Brian Goodwin’s establishment of the insurance agency 20+ years before.

That’s an amazing 30 years of continuous service to our community for this agency. I like to think that we must be doing something right!

I sincerely thank you, our valued customers for your support of our business over this time, as there would be no business without you.

To mark our 10 year anniversary, we’ve revamped our logo and getting with the times by establishing a social media presence.

I invite all our community and business customers with a website to contact me if you would like to have a link on our site (and vice versa).

GS Insurance, multi peril crop insurance, Trundle, NSW, Central West

Primacy Multi-Peril Crop Policy

GS Insurance has access to a multi-peril crop insurance product, ‘Prime Guard, put out by Primacy.

Some features are:

  • Covers loss of production due to: hail, fire, drought, excessive rain, moisture or heat, flood, wind, frost, insect damage, wildlife damage.
  • It costs nothing to apply for a quote.
  • Cover is based on your 5 year average yield for that crop type.
  • Minimum area of 500ha (crops to be within 10ks of each other) to apply.
  • Only applies to cereal and canola crops at this time.

Applications close end April, so please contact us asap if you would like to apply.

community news, Central West, changes, office hours, Trundle, NSW

Office hours, upcoming changes and community events

Better scale and leverage, same customer commitment
Just a heads up, by around mid-year, GS Insurance will be undergoing even greater changes when we join a national brokerage. This will give us greater access to more insurers. It will also mean changes in some of our office processes. What won’t change is our commitment to do our best by our clients. More info will follow over the next few months.

Office closed
Please note that the GS Insurance office will be closed on Monday 24th April 2017.

Community events
So far in 2017, GS Insurance has sponsored the Ted Little Ewe Comp, Trundle Rugby League football club, Trundle Grease & Oil Change day, Tottenham Picnic Races and the Tullamore Irish Music Festival.

Events coming up are:
29 April – Marg’s Golf Day at Trundle
6 May – Trundle Abba Festival
May – Parkes M&D Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Central West is a happening place and we love to support our local communities. Thank you for your support too!

Business interruption insurance

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with an important message about: business interruption insurance

When we highlight the importance of business interruption insurance, we often use examples of significant losses caused by floods, fire, storms or other catastrophes. Business interruption insurance IS important in these scenarios, but often the outages businesses may experience are caused by something much smaller or more mundane. For example, a bakery that needs to replace an oven from overseas, or perhaps something you have even less control over such as an event that impacts your supplier or supply chain!

What is business interruption insurance?

If you experience a disruption to your business income, your expenses continue to roll in. Business interruption insurance covers you for loss of profits. It can cover costs incurred to mitigate the interruption to your business, such as the cost of relocating to another temporary premise, paying overtime, additional equipment hire and so on. It can also include events that have an indirect impact on your business, such as a fire that happens in another part of a shopping centre that prevents customers from accessing your shop.

Do I need business interruption insurance?

We encourage many of our business clients to consider business interruption. A study of nearly 500 small businesses that CGU published in 2016 found that 1 in 4 would not survive if they had to close their doors for three months. Another quarter of small business would have to shut down if they experienced a major fire or storm and this figure jumped to 38% if the shutdown happened during a busy period for that business. In fact, 1 in 7 businesses experienced a shortfall in income because of a disruption within the last 12 months.

Business interruption can also:

  • Protect your profits while you wait for plans or permit approval when rebuilding
  • Cover the cost of advertising to let your customers know your new location and when you’re up and running again
  • Continue to pay and retain your key staff while you work to reopen
  • Include costs to your business from suppliers not supplying, or when power or gas outages limit your ability to operate your business.

Want to find out more or talk about whether business interruption insurance is right for your business? Contact us! 

Farm insurance, farm risk, farm safety

Farming: the most dangerous game?

Forget even just the impact of nature or the economy on farmers, the Australian Farm Deaths & Injuries Media Monitors Snapshot by the University of Sydney points to farming as the most dangerous occupation in Australia.  A total of 63 on farm deaths were reported for last year, with nine of those involving a child under 15 years of age. Tractors, mobile-plant/machinery and quads were involved in 24 of the reports.

According to Safe Work Australia, the agriculture, forestry and fishing industry is the greatest risk of fatality, ahead of both the construction and mining industries.

But farm risk CAN be mitigated

The facts and figures from Farmsafe Australia Inc point to significant reduction of on-farm injuries and deaths over the last 20 years. This is due to improvements in knowledge and technological advances, and we all need to do our part in continuing this focus on safety and risk management to keep the trend going and reduce the chances of injuries or deaths occurring.

We all need to do our part in continuing this focus on safety and risk management to keep the trend going and reduce the chances of injuries or deaths occurring.

Children are amongst the most vulnerable, as the farms are often their home. Tractors, quads and motorcycles are reported as being involved in farm accidents most frequently.

So what can we do about it? To help raise awareness and reduce the risks associated with farming and the farming lifestyle, CGU has compiled a list of specific areas to pay closer attention to and help avoid an incident from occurring in the first place.

Farm safety steps

  • Regularly explore your farm on foot and detail any maintenance jobs that need to be done and plan a timeframe for each to be completed.
  • Use this opportunity to assess all evident safety risks and ensure they are minimised as quickly as possible.
  • Consult with workers and family members around potential hazards and safety improvements.

Equipment safety

  • Ensure all machinery and equipment is fitted with the latest safety tools and guards and is in good repair.
  • Ensure all employees are trained properly for the use of all machinery and equipment and use appropriate personal safety protection.
  • Equipment such as grain augurs are particularly dangerous – make sure they are properly guarded.

Child safety

  • Make sure you have a safe and enclosed space for children to play close to the house – implement child resistant fences and self-latching gates around this space.
  • All water – including dams, wells, tanks and troughs near the house need to be properly guarded, the entrances to all confined spaces such as silos and, manure pits securely fastened, and dangerous equipment and chemicals locked away.
  • Introduce and enforce out-of-bounds areas on the farm for children.
  • Ensure children wear helmets when riding horses and bikes, always wear seatbelts in vehicles and never travel as a passenger in tractors, on four-wheel motorbikes and other machinery.
  • Talk with your children about safety around the farm and make it an open topic of conversation.

Control noise on your farm

  • Around two thirds of people in the farming community have some form of hearing loss – be particularly vigilant around firearms, chainsaws and machinery with extreme noise levels.
  • Try and reduce the noise on your farm where possible.
  • Always wear hearing protection and try to limit exposure to extreme noise situations.

Draw up an emergency plan

  • Ensure everyone on the farm understands the plan, and is properly educated on farm risks and first aid.
  • Maintain regular contact with workers through mobile phone or short-wave radio – particularly when people are working alone.
  • Ensure emergency numbers are readily available and routes to the nearest hospital are planned and well understood.
  • Keep a log of injuries and near misses to isolate areas for improvement.

Farm insurance – your safety net

Make sure that if the worst should happen, at least you, your employees and your farm are covered for financial losses. We have options that include a free Farm Risk Radar tool (at no additional cost) and options to provide for your workers’ compensation insurance needs. Contact us to find out more if you’re interested.